VIDEO: The Lexus hoverboard is getting closer to launch and it looks seriously cool

The Lexus hoverboard.

Move over Marty McFly. The latest clip with the amazing Lexus hoverboard has just been released, with UK pro skater Ross McGouran talking about the magnetic levitation board as like “floating on air”.

Like earlier clips, it’s still a big tease while we wait for the real thing, however, 26 years after Back to the Future II planted the seed Lexus are pushing the boundaries of possibility.

The design uses magnetic levitation to achieve frictionless movement as well as liquid nitrogen-cooled superconductors and permanent magnets. The finish, featuring the Lexus logo, is made from bamboo.

As Business Insider revealed previously, the hoverboard is not hanging around any old ordinary skate park, but rather, a purpose built site in Spain.

Lexus has said the hoverboard is not a consumer product and won’t go on sale, but that doesn’t stop us wanting one anyway. Doc Brown, can you help?

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