VIDEO: The jaw-dropping moment this race pilot misses being decapitated by an inch

Heads up. Picture: Thom Richard/YouTube

When you’re sitting on the runway about to start a plane race, you accept a certain element of risk is part of what you’re about to do.

But you’d also expect to be facing the dangerous stuff to happen in the air. Not on the runway:

That is one of the luckiest escapes you’ll ever see, and the man now counting his blessings — and fingers — is Thom Richard.

He was preparing to take off in the Reno National Air Races on Sunday when he realised his engine wasn’t behaving.

Richard popped his top and signaled for quite some time to his flagman and, ideally, all the other racers that he wouldn’t be taking off.

Unfortunately, the pilot behind him didn’t get the message until it was too late, but managed to swerve just in time.

Richard got away with a hand injury and his head, and a great quote:

“I’ve used up another of my nine lives, but why would you have nine unless you plan to use them?”

Watch the whole incident below. Not surprisingly, there is swearing.

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