VIDEO: The insane new Lexus ad featuring the world's best wingsuit pilot, Jeb Corliss

Pull over, driver. Picture: Lexus/YouTube

Lexus is so confident its new RX SUV is such a thrill to drive, it’s enlisted one of the world’s most famous thrillseekers to sell it.

Wingsuit pilot Jeb Corliss has made a name for himself pulling off stunts like this:

It hasn’t always gone well for him. Especially that one time where his foot got caught on a rock while pushing his luck down the face of Table Mountain in South Africa, and he wound up breaking both his legs.

But he’s nothing if not confident, and that Lexus hopes to tap into with the promo for the launch of its 2016 RX in Australia.

The gist of it is Corliss spies the new SUV on the back of a semi from 12,000 feet up and can’t resist taking it for a spin:

It’s not a heist, though – Lexus had some fun clarifying that for a concerned commentor on YouTube:

The car is in no way being stolen. This is the precise way our professional stuntman chose to take delivery of his all-new Lexus RX.

The ad was shot over three days near Goulburn, NSW, and took 60 people, two months and three attempts to get it right.

Check it out:

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