VIDEO: The incredible way this magician just proposed to his girlfriend using Alphabetti spaghetti

The things you can do with Alphabetti. Picture: Neil Henry/YouTube

About 200 people at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival just got a taste of real magic.

US-born Londoner Neil Henry’s first trick was to swallow a whole can of cold Aphabetti spaghetti. And a long piece of string.

He then called for the house lights, and picked a lady out of the audience to come up on stage. It just happened to be his girlfriend Charlie Gardner, whom he’d met at the same festival two years earlier.

Then he did this:

Then this:

And eventually, after Gardner realised what was happening and blurted out “You’re not are you, oh s..t, oh my God”, this:

Obviously, the audience went wild.

“Having you in my life is real magic and I never want that magic to end,” Henry said.

But there was more to come after Gardner said yes, she would marry him.


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