Texas' 1,800-pound longhorn mascot broke out of his pen and went after Georgia's bulldog before Sugar Bowl

Cheryl Gerber/AP Images for AllstateHandlers attempted to wrangle Texas’ ‘Bevo’ — an 1,800-pound steer — into a photo with Georgia’s live Bulldog ‘Uga,’ and it did not go as planned.
  • Texas’ longhorn “Bevo” and Georgia’s bulldog “Uga” are two of the most famous and beloved live mascots in the world of college sports.
  • In advance of their team’s showdown on the gridiron at the Sugar Bowl Tuesday night, Bevo and Uga attempted to meet for a photo-op on the sidelines.
  • Instead of posing politely, Bevo charged at his canine foe and nearly took down a number of his human handlers in the process.
  • Check out the full video of the brawl below:

The Texas Longhorns took down the Georgia Bulldogs in Tuesday night’s Sugar Bowl, but it was a pre-game brawl between the two sides’ beloved mascots that stole the show.

Handlers attempted to wrangle Texas’ “Bevo” – a three-year-old, 1,800-pound steer with 58-inch horns – into a photo op with Georgia’s live Bulldog “Uga” on the sideline before kickoff. But instead of posing for the photo, Bevo charged out of his pen and nearly killed Uga and a number of innocent bystanders in the process.

Here’s the full video of the showdown:

And here’s an angle that shows just how close Uga was to his own demise.

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