Tennis Player's Epic Rant Includes Hijacking A TV Camera And Threats To Retire

Serbian Viktor Troiki lost his second round match at the Italian Open, 6-1 and 6-1, but not before going on an epic 4-minute rant over what he believed to be a biased call by the referee.

The play in question occurred when Troiki hit a ball that was initially ruled in, but was overturned by the referee. Troiki asked the ref to go check the mark. After looking at the mark, he upheld his ruling.

Troiki looked at the same mark and believed it was in. He then accused the ref of refusing to overturn the call because it would be admitting that he made a mistake by overruling the original call.

Troiki then took the next four minutes to accuse the ref of ignoring the evidence, threatening to retire, and eventually grabbing a television camera to document the evidence for the fans at home (via Busted Racket)…

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