English Soccer Club Fired Controversial Manager After Bizarre Post-Match Meltdown

Sunderland, the only team in the Premier League without a win, fired manager Paolo Di Canio, one day after his bizarre post-match confrontation with angry fans.

Di Canio, who has a long history of controversy because of his fascist beliefs, had already caused waves with Sunderland because of his strict style which included banning the players from things like ketchup and ice in sodas.

But it was the latest incidents during and following Sunderland’s 3-0 loss to West Bromwich Albion that seemed to go too far. During the match, Di Canio was seen angrily shoving an assistant (see GIF below). After the match, he approached angry fans and used several hand gestures which suggested he was accepting blame for the poor play and asking the supporters to keep their chins up.

Here is the odd confrontation (via The Big Lead)…

Here is Di Canio shoving his assistant…

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