Did An Unknown College Football Player Really Run A 4.19 40-Yard Dash?

At the recent University of Minnesota “Pro Day,” in which college players can perform for NFL scouts, Terrell Sinkfield of the University of Northern Iowa was clocked by at least one scout as having run the 40-yard dash in 4.19 seconds (via ProFootballTalk). That number is significant because it would be faster than the NFL combine record of 4.24 seconds, set by Chris Johnson.

However, some are disputing the number. The director of college scouting for the Minnesota Vikings said he clocked Sinkfield in the “high 4.3s.”

For what it’s worth, going frame-by-frame during his second run in the video below (via ESPN) shows that Sinkfield ran a 4.16. However, that may be off as the angle of the camera doesn’t give a good view of the finish line. Still, unless the video was sped up, that time is likely within a few hundredths of a second and is much closer to 4.19 than high 4.3s…

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