Video Shows The Moment A Sinkhole Swallowed A Bunch Of Classic Corvettes

Early Wednesday morning, a sinkhole opened under the National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, Ky, swallowing eight classic cars. No humans were hurt.

The museum has released security footage that shows the Earth stealing some of mankind’s best creations. The first chunk of floor disappears about 13 seconds into the video, and things get crazy after 30 seconds in:

These are the damaged cars:

  • 1993 ZR-1 Spyder
  • 2009 ZR1 Blue Devil
  • 1962 black Corvette
  • 1984 PPG Pace Car
  • 1992 White 1 Millionth Corvette
  • 1993 Ruby Red 40th Anniversary Corvette
  • 2001 Mallett Hammer Z06 Corvette
  • 2009 white 1.5 Millionth Corvette.

And here’s a photo from a few hours later, courtesy of the museum:

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