This Video Shows The Exact Process For Hacking The IPhone's Fingerprint Touch ID

About 48-hours after the iPhone’s release in Germany, a group of hackers calling themselves the Chaos Computer Club came up with a way to hack the phone’s fingerprint sensor.

They won a bounty worth several thousand dollars in cash and prizes from the “” contest.

As part of that contest, the hackers had to produce a video showing exactly how they did it. The first video fell short, so the group produced a second one that has the step-by-step process.

After watching this, there’s one thing clear: it’s not easy to do. They lifted the finger print, scanned it, and then went through several steps to build a fake model of the print out of latex.

So, it’s not like someone is going to grab your fingerprint from a beer glass and break into your iPhone while you’re out on the dance floor. But if someone does have access to your fingerprint and the determination to spoof it, this shows how it can be done.

Starbug’s Touch ID Attack. from Nick De on Vimeo.

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