You have to watch this Microsoft cartoon explaining the science behind its HoloLens holographic goggles

Microsoft quietly released a new short cartoon today, discussing the science behind its nifty HoloLens holographic goggles.

It’s voiced-over by a narrator, explaining how the HoloLens renders holograms (actually stereoscopic 3D images, if you want to get technical, according to the video), and the challenges of making it so you don’t get nauseous while wearing them.

It’s a little like the videos you’d watch in science class, but better, because…holograms.

Here you go:

There are lots of great little looks into how all of this will work. Basically, finding the right distance at which the holograms are visible was a real challenge, because it causes your eyes to focus differently. 

Earlier on Monday, Microsoft announced that preorders are now open for the HoloLens Developer Edition — a $3,000 initial version of the hardware that will ship at the end of March. The hologram revolution is getting closer than ever.



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