Video Captures The Moment That Small Bomb Went Off In Beijing Airport

On Saturday a man (since identified as Ji Zhongxing) blew up a small bomb at Terminal 3 of Beijing International Airport. Ji was the only person hurt in the incident, injuring his arm.

New video uploaded to YouTube by Shanghaiist captures the precise moment the blast occurred. Watching the video, it’s easy to see why the blast caused such a big commotion:

According to the BBC, the bomb was made out of the gunpowder taken from fireworks.

Ji had reportedly set off the bomb in protest after he was left paralysed from a beating by official security agents in 2005. He claims he was later refused compensation. It’s certainly a sad story, and has inspired sympathy from some journalists, and also, worryingly, copycat attacks.

South China Morning Post reports that Ji’s case has been reopened after the attack.

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