Video shows 2 Baltimore cops hurling objects back at mob

At least two Baltimore cops charged with bringing riots under control have instead been caught throwing items at the angry mobs.

Violence and arson engulfed the city Monday night in the wake of a black man dying from injuries suffered while in the custody of city police.

In the midst of that violence, video has emerged of at least one officer throwing what appear to be rocks. At least one Associated Press image also shows an officer throwing what appears to be a piece of concrete.

A least 15 Baltimore police officers have been confirmed injured, and two were still in the hospital on Monday night. 

The injuries were mostly suffered from flying debris strong enough to even break at least one police riot shield, authorities admitted.

Protests evolved over the weekend into riots as anger has grown over the death of Freddie Grey, who died after suffering a fatal injury while in police custody earlier this month.

Mary Koch, the attorney for Grey’s family, said Monday night on CNN that the family specifically asked for protests to be peaceful on Monday in the hours after the 25-year-old’s funeral.

The city’s mayor has enacted a 10 p.m. curfew for one week that inexplicably starts Tuesday night. The National Guard has also been called in to control the crowds.

Officials have said a further 5,000 officers “from around the region” may also be needed to bring peace.

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