A new video shows Amazon Air cargo plane nosedive before its fatal crash into a Texas bay

  • An Atlas Air cargo plane transporting Amazon goods crashed in Texas on February 23, killing all three people on board.
  • On Thursday, the Chambers County Sheriff’s Office released a new video of the crash, whose causes are still unknown.
  • The National Transportation Safety Board said on Tuesday that its preliminary review of the cockpit audio found that the pilots most likely lost control of the plane.

A newly-released video from the Chambers County Sheriff’s Office show the final moments of Atlas Air Flight 3591, which crashed in Texas on February 23, killing all three people on board.

Atlas Air pilots Capt. Ricky Blakely and First Officer Conrad Jules Aska, as well as Mesa Airlines Capt. Sean Archuleta, who was riding in the jump seat, died in the crash.

The plane was carrying Amazon Air cargo. The causes of the plane’s demise are still unknown, but early reports from the National Transportation Safety Board reflect some early conclusions.

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After a lengthy search for the plane’s so-called black boxes, the NTSB published an initial review of the cockpit voice recorder on Tuesday.

It said the nearly two-hour recording indicated that the pilots most likely lost control of the Boeing 767-300 cargo jet, which was transporting goods for Amazon and the US Postal Service. Eighteen seconds later, the recording ended, the NTSB said.

Finding the black boxes was especially challenging, as the cargo plane crashed in “muddy marshland,” the NTSB said. Dive teams were dispatched to find them.

Robert Sumwalt, the NTSB’s chairman, predicted it would take more than a year of work to determine the cause of the crash, Flying magazine reported.

“This seems to be very much a mystery,” Sumwalt said, according to the magazine. “But the NTSB has 52 years of experience solving such mysteries, and I’m confident we will get to the bottom of this.”