New surveillance video shows alleged NYC bomber planting bomb that failed to detonate

Bomb 27th street
Surveillance footage of the bomb on 27th Street. NBC News

New surveillance footage obtained by NBC News shows the moment that the New York City bombing suspect apparently planted a bag on West 27th Street in Manhattan. 

The video shows a man, whom NBC reports is Ahmad Khan Rahami, leaving a rolling suitcase containing a homemade pressure cooker bomb on the footpath. Two men happened upon the suitcase, and after rummaging through it, removed the plastic bag-wrapped pressure cooker and took the suitcase

The FBI is looking to speak with the two men as witnesses. 

The video shows multiple passersby walk past the plastic bag containing the bomb before the authorities were alerted. One person appears to kick the bag, and another person appears to nudge it curiously. 

The woman who eventually called 911, told The New York Post that she initially thought it was a kid’s “science experiment.”

A bomb squad removed the pressure cooker, which was found to contain an explosive charge, ball bearings, and steel nuts. 

While no one was hurt on 27th Street, another bomb left by Rahami exploded on 23rd Street and injured 29 people on Saturday evening. Rahami also left explosive devices at various locations in New Jersey. 

Rahami was taken into custody following a shootout with police on Monday. He was officially charged with planting explosives on Tuesday.

Watch the footage below:


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