This Is What Shooting A Pistol Under Water Looks Like

pistol under water

Photo: Youtube/Vuurwapen Blog

Have you ever wondered what might happen when you shoot a pistol under water — what it sounds like and how the water looks as the bullet whizzes through liquid?Even if you haven’t pondered this question before, Andrew Tuohy, who maintains Vuurwapen Blog, did and took high-speed footage of the event to give you a look.

Tuohy doesn’t write much about the specific observations as to what happens when you shoot a pistol under water — the footage speaks for itself — but he does write that the gun wasn’t damaged. He told Gizmodo the shock through the water from the shot made it feel like “he was kicked in the chest.

Vuurwapen Blog Shoots Pistols Under Water and Creates Metal Flowers From Bullets

(Image: YouTube screenshot)

Watch him fire a Glock 22 in his pool:

Tuohy isn’t the only one who has wanted see what happens when you shoot firearms under water. The guys on the Smarter Every Day YouTube channel conducted their own test last year. Check it out:

While Tuohy’s footage of the underwater shot is rather artistic, he also makes artwork out of bullets. On his blog he includes photos of expanded hollow-point bullets that appear as flowers. He added precious stones to some, which he writes he has been collecting since age 10.

Vuurwapen Blog Shoots Pistols Under Water and Creates Metal Flowers From Bullets

(Image: Andrew Tuohy/

Check out Tuohy’s blog for more of his work and other information as a “fact-based firearms resource” here.

Touhy is a former U.S. Navy Hospital Corpsman who was honorably discharged and still shoots about 400 rounds per week. He writes that he currently works as a technical consultant to firearm and ammunition manufacturers and also provides photos and video services for those in the industry.

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