Video shows Sergio Garcia going berserk in a bunker during a tournament he was later DQ'd from and the golf world is ripping him to shreds

Andrew Redington/Getty ImagesSergio Garcia hacked at a bunker after a frustrating shot at the Saudi International.
  • Sergio Garcia was disqualified from the Saudi International last week after other players complained about the damage he caused to the greens.
  • In another incident that was caught on video, Garcia could be seen repeatedly hacking at a bunker in frustration after a poor shot.
  • It’s not the first time Garcia has struggled with controlling his temper on the course.

Sergio Garcia had a rough week.

Playing at the inaugural Saudi International, Garcia was disqualified from the tournament after the third round, with officials citing “serious misconduct” in which he damaged several greens on the course in frustration.

While Garcia’s tantrums on the greens were not caught on cameras, another video from the previous day of the tournament emerged showing him laying waste to a bunker after a disappointing flop out of the sand.

Watching the video, it’s clear that Garcia’s rage on the green wasn’t an isolated incident at the tournament.

It’s not the first time Garcia has had trouble keeping his emotions in check on the course. At the 2017 Open Championship, Garcia got in a fight with a bush, swinging at the shrubbery so hard that he hurt his shoulder and almost had to withdraw from the tournament.

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After his latest tantrum on the course got him removed from the tournament, Garcia put out a statement apologizing for his actions.

“I respect the decision of my disqualification,” Garcia said. “In frustration, I damaged a couple of greens, for which I apologise for, and I have informed my fellow players it will never happen again.”

Still, that might not be enough for some of the other players Garcia travels the tour with, especially those who were playing behind him at the Saudi International. According to The Scotsman, players in the four groups immediately following Garcia all complained to rules officials about Garcia’s treatment of the greens.

Even the best golfers on the planet can lose their cool from time to time – at the U.S. Open last year, Phil Mickelson was heavily criticised after hitting his ball while it was still moving after missing a putt.

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That said, Mickelson’s infraction didn’t have the effect of ruining the course for other golfers – if Garcia is going to freak out on the course again, he should make sure his tantrum doesn’t leave any divots.

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