VIDEO: See The Taranis, A Top Secret Unmanned British Combat Jet, Take To Australian Skies

Taranis, a top secret unmanned British aircraft, has successfully made its maiden flight at an undisclosed test range believed to be in Australia.

The flight was in August last year but the Ministry of Defence has only just made the fact public. The video released of the flight suggests it took place over Australia’s red centre.

The aircraft, named after the Celtic god of thunder, made a perfect take-off, rotation, climb-out and landing on its 15-minute first flight.

A number of flights took place last year, of up to one hour each and at a variety of altitudes and speeds.

Costing £185 million and funded jointly by government and industry, the Taranis demonstrator aircraft was formally unveiled in July 2010.

Only a limited number of scientists and engineers have been given full access to the top secret aircraft.

The unmanned air system, under the control of a human operator, can undertake sustained surveillance, mark targets, gather intelligence, deter adversaries and carry out strikes in hostile territory.

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