VIDEO: Sea Shepherd Crunched In Ramming Incident With Japan Whaling Ship

Damage to The Bob Barkers’ steel beams in the starboard bow after being a collision with the Yushin Maru No. 3. Photo: Marianna Baldo of Sea Shepherd

Anti-whaling activists and the Japan whaling fleet did clash in the Antarctic.

And there was a collision which damaged the Sea Shepherd’s ship the Bob Barker above the water line.

But that’s about where it ends. Both sides the blame the other for the ramming/collision.

Sea Shepherd and Japan’s whalers have both released photographs which, they say, support their claim.

The incident happened while both sides were facing off in the Ross Sea in the Antarctic.

The Japanese call it ‘sabotage’.

The anti-whalers say they were attacked.

Sea Shepherd says it has stopped the Japan harpoon ships from taking Minke whales for at least 14 days of February by blocking access to the whale factory ship.

Here’s the footage from Sea Shepherd:

A here’s a photograph from Japan’s Institute of Cetacean Research which it says shows the Bob Barker ramming the Japanese vessel.

Photo: Institute of Cetacean Research

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