VIDEO: Scientists have created the world's thinnest light source

The graphene light source. Image Myung-Ho Bae/KRISS

Scientists have demonstrated for the first time an on-chip visible light source using graphene, an atomically thin and perfectly crystalline form of carbon, as a filament.

They attached small strips of graphene to metal electrodes and passed a current through the filaments to cause them to heat up.

The study, Bright visible light emission from graphene, is published in the journal Nature Nanotechnology.

Watch the world’s thinnest light source:

“We’ve created what is essentially the world’s thinnest light bulb,” says James Hone, Professor of Mechanical Engineering at Columbia Engineering and co-author of the study.

“This new type of ‘broadband’ light emitter can be integrated into chips and will pave the way towards the realisation of atomically thin, flexible, and transparent displays, and graphene-based on-chip optical communications.”

The research was conducted by researchers from Columbia Engineering, Seoul National University, Korea Research Institute of Standards and Science, Konkuk University, Sogang University, Sejong University, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and Stanford University.

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