VIDEO: Science has uncovered the colour secret of the amazing Australian peacock spider

Maratus splendens. Image: Copyright by Jurgen Otto

Australia’s peacock spiders are renowned for their colour and their jumping abilities.

In the latest research, a group of Dutch, Swiss and Australian biologists have found the colours are more complex than previously thought.

Male peacock spiders, members of the jumping spider family, are exquisitely coloured with a rich pattern of whites, blues, creams and reds.

The latest research published in the journal Royal Society Interface found there are two types of structures responsible for the colours.

The first are brightly pigmented spine-shaped scales that range from red to pale yellow.

And the second are colourless curved scales that iridescently shimmer from turquoise to deep purple because of microscopic ridges on the surface and an air gap at the centre.

The following video is by Sydney-based Jurgen Otto, a co-author of the latest study. Watch how fast the spider moves:

There’s more on the peacock spiders at Otto’s Facebook page.

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