The Saints Gave Up A 95-Yard Pass And They Think It Saved Their Season

After the Saints beat the Bucs all anybody wanted to talk about was the ridiculous last-second penalty that erased a game-tying touchdown. But if you ask some members of the Saints, it was a 95-yard pass by the Bucs earlier in the game that may have turned their season around.

Midway through the third period, with the Saints up by seven, Vincent Jackson caught a ball down the sideline and appeared to be in the open for a 96-yard touchdown. But Malcolm Jenkins, who was covering a receiver on the other side of the field, did not give up and caught Jackson, tackling him at the 1-yard line. The Bucs would fail to score and Jenkins, after the game called it a “season-changing play.”

Here’s the key moment that shows how much ground Jenkins had to make up. You can see the full play below…


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