Video Showing Russia Busting An Alleged CIA Agent Looks Like A Bad Sketch Comedy Skit

There are a couple of wigs, a glum looking fellow, and dudes speaking Russian.

The shaky video below supposedly shows Russia’s Federal Security Service capturing Ryan Fogle, an American diplomat, whom it accused of being an undercover CIA agent and trying to pay a Russian official for information.

But it seems like something from a homemade sketch comedy show on YouTube rather than a high-visibility bust.

As you can see from the video, which first appeared on Russia’s RT, there’s lots here that doesn’t quite sit right:

Max Fisher of the Washington Post, noted that there was “something fishy” about the arrest. He described the “ham fisted” instruction letter from the video:

It lays out, in great detail and almost childlike prose that has been compared to the e-mail spam you might get from a “Nigerian prince,” the CIA’s offer: Share your “expertise” and we’ll pay you $1 million per year.

Fisher may not buy it, but the jury’s still out on whether American authorities do.

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