Rob Gronkowski did a Rob Gronkowski thing when he used the Lombardi trophy as a baseball bat and left a huge dent

  • Rob Gronkowski dented the Lombardi trophy while using it as a baseball bat.
  • The incident occurred while Gronkowski and some of his teammates were preparing to throw out the first pitch at the Boston Red Sox home opener.
  • Gronk attempted to bunt a ball pitched from teammate Julian Edelman, and wound up leaving a baseball-sized dent in the trophy.
  • Gronkowski’s teammates told the story in a video the Patriots posted on Twitter.
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Rob Gronkowski left the Patriots with a final parting gift before he heads off into retirement – a baseball-sized dent in the team’s sixth Lombardi trophy.

In a video posted to Twitter, Gronkowski’s teammates recounted their adventure with Gronk while being celebrated ahead of the Boston Red Sox home opener. Gronkowski, Julian Edelman, and Stephon Gilmore were picked to throw out the ceremonial first pitch, so before the game, the three players were warming up their arms.

As Gronk’s teammates tell the story, it was then that the blunder occurred. Gronkowski playfully picked up the Lombardi trophy while Edelman was on the mound, and got in a batter’s stance. His teammates doubted he would ever take a real swing at the ball, but when Edelman sent a pitch his way, Gronk adjusted into a bunting stance and made contact.

As a result, a baseball-sized dent was left in the Lombardi trophy.

You can watch Gronk’s teammates tell the story below.

There’s likely no other player in the Patriots organisation that could get away with such an act without consequence, but for Gronkowski, denting the trophy that represents the team’s year of hard work and sacrifice because he was partying too hard is pretty on-brand.

Further, with Gronkowski retiring, there’s likely little more than a scolding in his direction that the team could give him anyways.

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Thankfully for the Patriots, they have plenty of other, dent-free trophies they can use when necessary, and one that is now stamped with a dent that might as well read “GRONK WAS HERE.”

“The trophy is special, not damaged,” said Jason McCourty. “Now it has become vintage.”

Without a doubt, Gronkowski, and now, the Patriots sixth Lombardi trophy, are both one of a kind.

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