There's ANOTHER Video Of Rob Ford Allegedly Smoking Crack-Cocaine

Rob FordREUTERS/Aaron HarrisToronto’s Chief Budget Officer Councillor Frank Di Giorgio (L) shares a moment with Toronto Mayor Rob Ford during a budget meeting at City Hall in Toronto, January 30, 2014.

There’s a second video of Toronto Mayor Rob Ford allegedly smoking crack-cocaine — secretly filmed in his sister’s basement early Saturday morning, The Globe and Mail reports.

The video is up for sale by a “self-professed drug dealer” for “at least six figures,” according to The Wire.

Gawker has still photos from the video, which has not yet been released publicly.

Ford admitted to having smoked crack-cocaine in November, saying at the time that he was in a “drunken stupor.”

Two Globe reporters viewed clips from the series of three videos, with Ford reportedly “taking a drag from a long copper-coloured pipe, exhaling a cloud of smoke, his right arm convulsing.”

This isn’t the only controversial taping of Ford in recent days. A patron at a Toronto bar secretly recorded the mayor making lewd comments on Monday about Karen Stintz, a challenger in the upcoming mayoral election in October.

“I’d like to f—–g jam her,” Ford allegedly says on the recording, according to Toronto Sun, “But she doesn’t want … I can’t talk like this … I’m so sorry.”

This latest video bombshell may have something to do with Ford’s sudden announcement that he’s suspending his reelection campaign and heading to rehab.

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