Here's The 'High Five' A Ref Gave The Miami Heat Head Coach That Has NBA Conspiracy Theorists Screaming

For some reason, the NBA is the one sport that gets the blood of conspiracy theorists boiling all the time. And one scene in last night’s game didn’t help.

After Mike Miller drained a 3-pointer early in the fourth quarter to give the Miami Heat a seemingly insurmountable 27-point lead, the camera zoomed in on Heat coach Erik Spoelstra. That’s when we see one of the officials giving Spoelstra what, at first glance, appeared to be a “high five.” And that’s when the Thunder fans and the conspiracy theorists went nuts.

Only it wasn’t a high five. Looking again at the replay shows that the ref was simply telling Spoelstra that he was too far onto the court and needed to back up. This is a common move by basketball officials who don’t have time to stop and have a chat.

Here’s the clip…


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