MLS Player Makes Two Bone-Headed Plays In A Row To Lose A Game For The Red Bulls

If you missed the end of the New York Red Bulls loss to the San Jose Earthquakes last night, you’re not alone. But while everybody was gushing over DeAndre Jordan, the Red Bulls blew a late lead in epic fashion.

It started with a defensive breakdown with less than 10 minutes remaining that allowed San Jose to tie the game and things really got crazy when a handball on a corner kick gave San Jose a chance to take the lead in added time.

New York appeared to dodge a bullet when the keeper saved the penalty kick. But San Jose was awarded a do-over when the Red Bulls (clearly) encroached in the penalty area on the first attempt. San Jose made good on the second attempt and the final stunned look on Thierry Henry’s face summed up the pain of this loss…


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