Putin tripped over a rug and fell on the ice while skating after a hockey exhibition

via ABC News/TwitterVladimir Putin ran into carpet and fell onto the ice.

  • Russian president Vladimir Putin on Friday fell on ice while skating around a rink after a hockey exhibition.
  • Putin quickly got back up and continued skating and waving to fans.
  • Putin scored eight goals in the exhibition in what’s become an annual tradition.
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Russian President Vladimir Putin took a fall on the ice while skating around the rink after a hockey exhibition.

The 66-year-old took a lap around the ice, waving to fans when he tripped on some carpet and fell onto the ice.

People skating behind him tried to warn him of the carpet but didn’t get to him in time.

Putin got back up quickly and continued skating.

Watch the video below:

It’s become an annual tradition for Putin to play in the hockey exhibitions that often feature former Russian NHL stars.

Putin scored eight goals this year, continuing a tradition in which he finds the net multiple times.

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