VIDEO PRESENTATION: Groceries Are A Massive Untapped Opportunity For E-Commerce

The grocery industry hasn’t innovated much in the past 90 years, but that’s finally starting to change. Tech companies are now aggressively pursuing the $US600-billion-a-year food and beverage market and trying to bring more grocery sales online.

Our look at the e-commerce grocery opportunity has been one of our most requested research reports this year. It’s also one of the first pieces of research on this topic in the industry.

We have prepared a short video presentation on some of the key points in our subscriber-only report. Click on the image below to watch our presentation on where the online groceries market is going.

(Duration: 2:33)

— Produced by Hope King. Report by Senior Research Analyst Cooper Smith.

BI Intelligence is a research and analysis service focused on e-commerce, mobile computing, digital media, and payments. Only subscribers can download the full forecast and in-depth report on the opportunities in e-commerce groceries. Please sign up for a trial membership here.

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