VIDEO: Police Commissioner Says We've Had Enough As Cop Unleashes On Swearing Cyclist Without A Helmet

Facebook page

A cyclist pulled over for not wearing a safety helmet was threatened with jail on a disorderly charge after he told a policeman to go stop “some f**king criminals”.

The confrontation was videoed and posted to Facebook. It’s attracted almost 25,000 likes.

“I will deny your bail and some big fella is going to play with your a**ehole during the night,” the policeman said.

“If that’s what you want, say one more f**king swearword.”

The cyclist, John Martin, gets a ticket and tells the policeman: “Relax.”

The policeman: “Pull your head in. Don’t tell me to relax. You don’t tell me what to do. You don’t swear in public. Any questions?”

The cyclist: “Have you stopped any, like, criminals today?”

The police chief in Western Australia, Karl O’Callaghan, backed the policeman.

‘The public have had enough of this general lack of respect for people in authority,’ O’Callaghan told Fairfax radio.

“This guy has accepted no blame for the escalation of the situation whatsoever. His total view of the world is it is somebody else’s problem, they did the wrong thing and I was OK.”

Facebook reaction was mixed with many supporting the policeman.

One post reads: “Those of you saying the cop went overboard – go and be a cop for a week, be sworn at, abused and disrespected every day when you’re just trying to do your job and see if you don’t lose your cool at least once.”

The policeman is being counselled.

The video is here.

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