VIDEO: Piranha or not, this footage of a feeding frenzy in Brazil is insane

Piranha are a legendary fish, known for stripping animals from flesh to bone in seconds.

They’ll definitely attack humans, though the jury’s still out on whether they’ll target them or what triggers a feeding frenzy. Try as he might, River Monsters host Jeremy Wade couldn’t raise a bite from a school of the toothy terrors.

But if this video of a feeding frenzy from bystander Joao Antonio Cruz Junior on a wooden dock in Brazil proves anything, it’s that you’d never experiment with hungry piranha yourself. It’s like someone dropped a crate of Mentos into Lake Coke:

But hang on – are they piranha, as has been widely reported? The poster of the video has yet to get back to queries from LiveScience, and people are starting to look closer at the actual fish in the video.

There’s a few moments where the fish look long, slender and silver, unlike piranha which are stocky and colourful. Here’s your regular piranha:

Piranha at the Newport Aquarium, Kentucky. Picture: Wikimedia Commons

And here’s a gif of the fish in the YouTube video which has so far amassed more than four million views:

One commentor suggested they might be blue whale catfish. Footage of blue whale catfish outside of aquariums is scarce, but they’re known to be at least as aggressive in a pack as piranha, and grow to around 25cm long.

Here’s a single specimen trying to clean up at feeding time:

Whatever they are, don’t tip your toe in the water next time you’re on a dock in Brazil.

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