Peyton Manning And The Broncos Gave Papa John’s Free Advertising During A Play Against The Eagles

Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos caused a bit of a firestorm when field microphones overheard the team’s audibles and fans thought Manning used the call “Papa John’s” which would be some sly free advertising for the pizza company Manning endorses.

While a closer look at the replay does suggest that “Papa John’s” is indeed used multiple times on this play, it is clearly not Manning’s voice. It appears as though it was either the center, Manny Ramirez, calling an audible for the offensive line or the Eagles’ defence used the call to distract Manning. If it was the Eagles, it didn’t work as the Broncos scored 52 points.

No matter who made the call, the connection to Manning is unmistakable, and it is an interesting new twist to product advertising on the field, even if that wasn’t the intent. One has to wonder if the NFL will stop it before it gets out of hand. Here is the play in question via Fox Sports…