Here's Another Crazy Drunken Rant From Toronto Mayor Rob Ford

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford has been caught on video drunkenly swearing and ranting about Police Chief Bill Blair just months after swearing off alcohol and admitting to smoking crack cocaine.

The video was shot this week in a Steak Queen restaurant near Toronto, according to the Toronto Sun. He’s talking in a Jamaican accent to people off-camera.

Much of Ford’s speech is incoherent, but here is the Sun’s translation of his rant about Blair: “—-sucker … f—ing Chief Blair … they chased me around for five months, man. Bumbaclot, man. They tried to tell me, bro, we’re counter-surveilling ya guy. He’s hiding here, I’m a hiding here. F— off. You know how much money that costs?”

Ford admitted to reporters that he had been drinking and said: “What I do in my personal life and my personal friends, that’s up to me. It has nothing to do with you guys. It’s on my own time.”

He added that he didn’t do any drugs that night and didn’t drive to the restaurant.

Toronto City Council stripped Ford of most of his powers as mayor when the crack scandal surfaced last year. After months of denials, Ford finally admitted to smoking crack cocaine “in a drunken stupor” once police obtained a video that appears to show Ford taking the drug.

Two months ago, Ford said he quit drinking after having a “come to Jesus” moment.

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