Dashboard Camera Shows Sikh Temple Shooter Chasing Officers With A Gun

Police in Oak Creek, Wisc., released part of a video from a squad car’s dashboard camera that caught the shootout between the man suspected of opening fire at an area Sikh temple last month. 

In the video, you can hear officers shouting through the continuous sounds of gunfire.

The shooting erupted early last month when Wade Michael Page opened fire on a Milwaukee-area Sikh temple, killing six before turning the gun on himself.

Oak Creek Police Department Lt. Brian Murphy was shot during the incident. It was originally reported Murphy was shot eight to nine times but police revealed Monday he was shot 15 times — 12 shots hit him and three hit his vest.

Here are screengrabs from the video, courtesy of WISN.

The pictures aren’t of the best quality, but we’ve indicated what you need to see.

sikh temple shootingAn officer shoots at a man in white shirt before falling to the ground.

Photo: Oak Creek Police Department via WISN

In this photo, an officer is being chased by a man in white shirt, off-screen, after the officer was initially fired at him. During their Monday afternoon press conference, police said the gunman “was closing in on Lt. Murphy” and they had no doubt Page “intended to kill him.”

wade michael page chasing policeThat man then follows the officer.

Photo: Oak Creek Police Department via WISN

“I’ve got a man with a gun in the parking lot,” an officer can be heard shouting in the video. “Drop the gun!”

The video shows a man in a white shirt fall to the ground after police yell “Drop the gun!” and fire shots.

wade michael page fallingIt’s difficult to see, but the red circle indicates where the man in the white shirt fell

Photo: Oak Creek Police Department via WISN

Here is the full video:

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