The Plaza Hotel Hosted Its First Gay Wedding In 106 Years

gay marriage maryland

Photo: AP Images

Back in June, The Plaza, whose neoclassical Grand Ballroom is one of the most expensive, lavish, and coveted hotel wedding venues in all the land, hosted its first-ever-in-106-years gay wedding.Now, you can witness Jay & Tony’s ceremony for yourself in all its fabulous — and in many ways, quite traditional glory (heck, it is The Plaza!).

Here’s the recently released wedding video, shot by John Armendariz of NewYorkFilmworks. We love how it starts off with a chuckle as the priest awkwardly stutters, “Well, it’s a little unusual for me to be the only one in white at one of these things!”

But we warn you, have a tissue in hand —this one’s a tearjerker!

Also check out the storybook images by “NYC’s most sought-after” wedding photog, Brian Hatton. Not only did the couples’ garden-themed reception look like a blast, but that cake (baked up by Food Network star Ron Ben Israel) is to-die-for gorgeous!

Check out the video below.

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