Watch Crazy New Video Footage Of Reese Witherspoon Being Arrested

Video of Reese Witherspoon’s recent disorderly conduct arrest feels more like an episode of “Punk’d” than real life.

In footage obtained by TMZ from law enforcement sources, Witherspoon is seen acting out and telling cops lies such as “I’m pregnant” while her husband is getting arrested for DUI.

In this first video, Witherspoon gets out of the car and yells at the cop: “You’re about to find out who I am” and “You’re harassing me as an American citizen.”

After Witherspoon’s tirade, her husband Jim Toth actually apologizes to the cop, saying “I’m sorry, I had nothing to do with that.”

During the arrest, Reese also interrupted the cop to say she was pregnant (she’s not) and needed to pee.

She later confessed on Thursday’s “Good Morning America” that she panicked and said “crazy things” because her husband was being arrested. 

Finally, the officer instructs Toth to blow hard during his breathalyzer test by shouting “Blow! blow! blow! blow! blow! blow! blow!”

When Witherspoon starts to act up again, he orders “Ma’am, sit on your butt and be quiet.”

On Thursday, the mother of three pled no contest to Physical Obstruction of Another and her husband pled guilty to DUI.

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