Dashcam video allegedly shows spot where Putin critic Nemtsov was shot dead 3 minutes after it happened

Boris NemtsovREUTERS/Maxim ShemetovMedics carry the body of Boris Nemtsov, who was shot dead, in central Moscow February 28, 2015.

A Russian journalist published a video on YouTube that allegedly shows the scene where Putin’s critic Boris Nemtsov was killed just 3 minutes after the murder. 

Tonia Samsonova, who works in London as a foreign correspondent for Radio Echo Moscow, uploaded the video yesterday, and since then the footage has been watched more than 2 million times. 

According to the Guardian, which also ran the video, Samsonova has already handed the video to the Russian Investigative Committee, which is conducting the murder investigation. 

The video is taken from a vehicle driving through downtown Moscow in the early hours of February 28, when Nemtsov was killed.

About 48 seconds into the video, the car drives over Bolshoi Moskovoretsky bridge, where Nemtsov’s body was found, and overtakes a white vehicle and a lorry. There are not many people around the scene, but according to the Guardian, that is the spot where the murder took place.

Here is a screengrab of the scene, with the timestamp in the bottom left corner:

This map shows the scene from above. The car was leaving the Red Square in the upper part of the map and was driving south on the bridge when it apparently passed by the crime scene. 

Nemtsov, a loud critic of Russia’s president Vladimir Putin, was killed just meters away from the Kremlin, the presidential palace. It is possible that the Kremlin’s security cameras captured footage from the scene of the murder, but details regarding this issue have not been made public yet. 

Yesterday, Russia’s finance minister admitted that a car used in the murder belonged to an “in-house security service” of the ministry, prompting allegations that Nemtsov was killed by people from within Putin’s inner-circle. 

Here is the full video that Samsonova uploaded on YouTube:

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