Hours Before Apple's Big Event, Video Of The New IPhone 6 Emerges

Just hours before Apple’s big iPhone 6 launch, video of a working 4.7 inch iPhone 6 has emerged from China.

We first saw the video on 9to5Mac. “We won’t know how legit it is for another 48 hours but it is certainly convincing,” the site warns.

The video is interesting because it shows the phone actually working, in addition to being fully assembled. Most of the leaks so far have been of manufacturing pieces that have not been completely integrated into a working product.

Here is something of a surprise: The new phone will be both wider and thinner than the old one:

We have a slight doubt about that power jack: It looks like the wrong shape for Apple’s lightning adaptor:

Yes, the new phone is bigger than iPhone 5S. This we knew already …

This is a good view showing you how much thinner it’s going to be:

The control buttons are arranged differently on the new phone, too:

The new phone is going to make older iPhones look small and dated:

Here is the video in full:

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