And Here's The Video Of That Flight Attendant Going Nuts And Telling Passengers The Plane Will Crash

Last Friday, an American Airlines flight attendant made headlines after having something of a pre-flight breakdown before taking off from Dallas/Forth Worth International Airport.  

Things spiraled out of control when the crew member took over the public-address system and began screaming about “AA bankruptcy and then telling them [passengers] the plane was going to crash,” the sister of one woman on the plane told The Dallas Morning News.   

Now a cell phone video taken by Kevin Ritch, one of the first-class passengers who restrained the disturbed flight attendant, has surfaced, the Blaze reports

It beings with the flight attendant yelling, “Get out of my way!”

Ritch, who rushed over to help along with four other passengers, told MyFOXdfw that there were “three of us really subduing her, leaning on her and somewhat sitting on her, primarily leaning.” 

The woman continued, “”This has not happened to me since 9/11 and I’m not putting up with this!” 

The flight attendant, who was being treated for bi-polar disorder, had not taken her medication, according to

Watch the video below: 

More Video of Flight Attendant Rant Surfaces:

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