Here's An Awesome Video Of Fighter Jets Streaking Through Mountains

Almost every day, villagers in Western Wales feel their homes tremble as waves of fighter jets rumble overhead.

Fortunately, the residents aren’t experiencing the beginning of World War III, but of planes flying the Mach Loop.

The Mach Loop, short for Machynlleth Loop, is a series of valleys used by the Royal Air Force and the U.S. Air Force to train pilots how to fly low and fast.

As part of the British Ministry of Defence’s Tactical Training Low Flying Area, small jet fighters are permitted to fly as low as 100 feet off the ground, while larger bomber or cargo aircraft may fly as low as 150 feet.

The hills surrounding the Mach Loop afford spectators the opportunity to view a procession of air force F-15s, Tornadoes, and Typhoons streak by at eye level. The spectacular sights have turned these sleepy hills into a mecca for aviation photographers.

Take a look at this stunning video from last month, complete with air traffic control directions:

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