Here's Video Of The Drunk Man Taped To His Seat On An Iceland Air Flight

A video of the drunk passenger an Iceland Air flight crew and passengers secured to his seat with duct tape and zip ties has emerged and was posted by Gawker this morning.

According to the Reddit user who posted a photo of the man covered in tape, the 46-year-old Icelandic native reportedly drank at least one entire bottle of duty free alcohol, and then grabbed women, choked other passengers, screamed that the plane was going to crash, and spat on people.

Even stuck in his chair and with his mouth taped shut, the man continued to move as much as he could, and moans throughout the short video.

Upon landing at New York’s JFK Airport at 6:30 p.m. on Thursday, the man was escorted off the flight by police.

He was taken to a local hospital because he appeared to be intoxicated, a Port Authority spokesperson said.

The New York Post reported federal authorities, who have jurisdiction, decided not to prosecute the drunk man, as passengers did not want to provide details about his “threatening behaviour.”

Watch the video:

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