Intense video has emerged of police and civilians fighting off Turkish soldiers inside CNN Turk

CNN Turk@ismailsaymaz via TwitterTurkish police detain a military rebel.

Dramatic footage has emerged of police and civilians fighting off Turkish soldiers inside the Istanbul headquarters of CNN Turk during the attempted coup on Friday night.

The coup-plotters, who ultimately failed, targeted media outlets as they attempted to seize power on Friday night. Armed soldiers infiltrated the offices of both Turkish state-run broadcaster TRT and CNN Turk, attempting to usurp their coverage of the coup and ultimately shut them down.

At 3:30 am, around 15 members of the rogue military faction, known as the “Peace at Home Council,”  landed in a helicopter at CNN Turk’s headquarters in Istanbul and stormed the offices, forcing employees to leave the building at gunpoint.

Pro-government protesters soon entered the building and attacked the soldiers, followed shortly afterward by Turkish police.

The footage below shows the intense moments when the military began losing ground to the police and civilians. The clip starts with a heated exchange and police detaining soldiers, until a flood of civilians enter the room, presumably journalists with CNN Turk, and begin to assault and repel the soldiers.

Within two hours, the soldiers were apparently detained and CNN Turk was back on air.

“It does not appear to be a very brilliantly planned or executed event,” US Secretary of State John Kerry said of the coup. The uprising lasted just over 24 hours and left 256 people dead and over 1,000 injured.

Thousands of members of the Turkish armed forces have since been detained by the state on suspicion of involvement, and the former chief of the Turkish air force has reportedly confessed to plotting the coup.

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