A cringeworthy clip of Brett Ratner and Serena Williams is making the rounds online following sexual misconduct allegations against him

Brett Ratner Serena WilliamsEvan Agostini/Getty ImagesBrett Ratner and then-girlfriend Serena Williams in 2004.
  • A clip from Serena Williams’ short-lived reality series, “Venus and Serena: For Real,” shows her then-boyfriend Brett Ratner acting strangely.
  • The clip is making the rounds on the internet following multiple accusations of sexual harassment and assault against Ratner.

A strange clip of Brett Ratner and his then-girlfriend Serena Williams, from her 2005 reality series “Venus and Serena: For Real,” is making the rounds online following accusations of sexual misconduct against the Hollywood producer and director.

In the 90-second clip, Williams and Ratner appear to be arguing over the issues they have been having with their long-distance relationship, during one of Venus Williams’ tennis matches.

Ratner is physically affectionate, and touches Williams throughout the entirety of the video, despite the fact that Williams appears to not be enjoying the attention.

“Give me some love. Show me that you care,” Ratner says as he continues to touch her. 

A seemingly frustrated Williams eventually asks Ratner if he can just watch her sister play, and says he’s “being very disturbing.”

Williams cheers for her sister and Ratner joins in by calling out, “Sexy legs!” 

In the clip, Williams appears to be breaking up with Ratner, as she tells the director, “It’s too bad it didn’t work out between us.” 

Ratner replies by saying, “What is this the break-up episode?”

Ratner then proceeds to try to kiss Williams, but she rebuffs his advances.

“They don’t do this on Nick and Jessica’s show,” Ratner says as he tries to kiss her once more, but is again rejected by Williams, who refuses to kiss him.

You can watch the clip here:

The clip has surfaced following the sexual harassment or assault allegations from six different actresses against Ratner, in a report published by The Los Angeles Times on Wednesday.

Ratner’s lawyer sent a statement to Business Insider, on behalf of the director, stating that Ratner “vehemently denies the outrageous derogatory allegations that have been reported about him,” and is “confident that his name will be cleared once the current media frenzy dies down and people can objectively evaluate the nature of these claims.”

Ratner’s attorney also sent an additional statement to Business Insider, stating that the director will be stepping away from all “Warner Bros. related activities,” until his “personal issues are resolved.”

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