VIDEO: NSW premier Mike Baird just got the treasurer on Facebook and tries to explain social media to her

NSW power couple, politically speaking, Mike Baird and Gladys Berejiklian. Source: screenshot

NSW Premier Mike Baird is something of a social media guru, having fun on Twitter and regularly taking to Facebook to post his personal views on public issues.

His deputy, treasurer Gladys Berejiklian, may have introduced the Opal card technology when she was transport minister, but her tastes are more luddite and she’s been in no hurry to join the digital age until today.

“Gladys, meet the internet,” Baird quips in the latest of his “Baird’s eye view” posts.

“I’ve been dragged out of the dark ages,” she says in their Facebook chat, as Baird goes on to explain how foreign minister Julie Bishop is good at emojis.

“What is it?” she whispers to her boss, giving him a nudge.

“I’m not tweeting!” she adds.

Baird finishes by explaining how to leave the screen “And then we just walk off. Like, you go that way, and I’ll go that way” – he moves to the right, she to the left, but we don’t think that’s meant to be politically symbolic.

If you want to like Gladys, her Facebook page is here.

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