VIDEO: Now you can do a virtual lap around Silverstone Circuit in a V8 Mustang -- or watch it from a drone

2015 Ford Mustang. Photo: Getty Images

Ever wondered how it feels to fly around Britain’s famous Silverstone Circuit in a V8 Mustang? Dream no more.

As part of a new marketing campaign, Mustang has created an interactive video which allows viewers to experience what it’s like to speed around the track in a 5-litre V8 Ford Mustang Fastback.

What makes it interactive? You can seamlessly toggle between in-car, front bumper and even drone views and check the speedometer, rev counter and car’s position on the track’s map.

Take a look at the video below.

The 80-second film was created using film from six GoPro cameras inside the car, external front bumper cameras and remote-controlled drone footage.

Ford of Europe’s, vice president communications & public affairs, Mark Truby said: “We wanted everyone to be able to experience a Mustang V8 at high speed on a great track.”

“What makes this video unique is the viewer is in complete control of the vantage point. They can view in any direction just as if they were in the cockpit of the Mustang, switch to drone view, check speed and RPM. It’s totally immersive.”

Professional driver Paul Swift drove the Mustang on the 2.6-kilometre lap of the National Circuit at Silverstone, home to the F1 British Grand Prix.

“I have never seen a 360° film of this quality before – it really is like being in the car,” he said.

You can experience the video here or check out a more basic, non-interactive version below.

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