VIDEO: New York Islanders 'Ice Girl' Takes A Nasty Spill On Live Television

Did you know that the New York Islanders are celebrating their 40th season in the NHL?  Honestly, the Islanders haven’t been relevant for so long, I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that people had no idea there even was an NHL team on Long Island, let alone that they were observing their 40th anniversary.

Did you also know that the Islanders have their own set of cheerleaders, affectionately known as the “Ice Girls?”  Hey, credit the team for realising that the product on the ice isn’t going to draw fans, but attractive, scantily-clad women skating around the ice, shoveling snow, and generally looking lovely just might.

Good Day New York sent out one of their reporters to interview some of the Ice Girls prior to tonight’s game against the Florida Panthers, and as luck would have it, one of the beauties took a rather nasty spill right about the same time the camera decided to follow her around the ice. 

I’ve never been to Nassau Coliseum, but I’m pretty sure the ice surface is terribly hard, and feels even harder when the only protection you have on is an Islanders half-sweater and mini-skirt.

That’s gonna cost her points with the Russian judge.

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