The NFL's Dirtiest Player Appeared To Intentionally Stomp On Aaron Rodgers' Injured Calf

Ndamukong Suh of the Detroit Lions may be up to his old tricks when cameras caught him appearing to intentionally step on the already-injured calf of Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

The stomp came late in the Lions game against the Packers to decide the champion of the NFC North.

Rodgers had exited the game earlier after re-aggravating an injury to his left calf. He later returned to the game after receiving treatment in the locker room.

After throwing a pass, Suh backed into Rodgers, knocking him down. Suh then continues to step backwards where he steps on Rodgers twice.


The stomp doesn’t look overly-vicious, but Suh has two things working against him that will make it hard for the NFL to give him the benefit of the doubt: 1) Suh actually steps on Rodgers twice which means he knew Rodgers’ leg was there and Suh also makes no hurry to get off the leg, even lifting the other foot to put more weight on the leg; and 2) he is already considered by many the dirtiest player in the NFL and has a history of stomping on players.

Rodgers made a plea to the referee, but no flag was thrown on the play.

With the Lions playing in the playoffs next week, Suh will likely avoid a suspension. But it would be surprising if he doesn’t at least receive a hefty fine.

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