NBC Spoiled Missy Franklin's Tape-Delayed Victory Just Moments Before Airing The Race

NBC has received plenty of heat and criticism for their decisions to tape-delay a number of the more popular Olympic events. But they aren’t helping their own case when they spoil their own coverage with a promo for another show.

That’s what happened tonight when NBC was getting set to show the women’s 100 meter backstroke, an event Franklin won (will win?). The network went to commercial with a view of Franklin in the pool and the teaser “coming up, how good can Missy Franklin be tonight? The finals of the 100-back coming up.”

And from the “can’t make it up department,” NBC then showed a promo for “The Today Show” centered around Franklin celebrating her gold medal with her parents. The promo even included a shot of Franklin on the medal stand with her medal.

Gee, I wonder if she is going to win?!? Here’s the video…

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