One-Minute Video Featuring Two Boys In A Barn Characterises F-35 Fighter Debate Perfectly

The premise is simple: two boys are given $US10 each. They can buy either one F-35, or three F-18s and all the logistical accoutrements meant to keep those 3 aloft.

The assertion isn’t quite accurate. Lockheed isn’t exactly sure what it will cost to buy and manage F-35s, but the figure is estimated at just over two times the cost for an equal amount of F-18s.

The video comes as America’s neighbour up north Canada struggles to decide if its going to go with the F-35 or F-18 Super Hornet for the future of its air force. The F-18 has largely been one of the most reliable fighters in modern flight, whereas the F-35 has been plagued with problems, but boasts all sorts of cool new stuff.

“[You bought] the new F-35 strike fighter with the super helmet and electronic computer?!” One boy says.

“And its invisible.” The other boy responds. “What did you buy with Grandpa’s 10 dollars?”

“Three Boeing F-18 Super Hornets with all the latest avionics and 10 years of full-bone service support.”

“Yeah, but your planes aren’t invisible.”

“Ohhkay, you want to have a battle for the skies?”

“No. It broke.”

Watch the video here:

F-35 or F-18 Super Hornet: It’s really not that complicated from RaceRocks on Vimeo.

The commercial (and it is a commercial) comes from the company Canadian defence contractor RaceRocks 3D, which does a lot of defence related videos and animation.

Reuters talked to Tyler Brand, vice president of business development for RacerRocks, who said that the spot was part of efforts bidding
for work from AeroInfo, a Boeing unit in Canada. RacerRocks subsequently won a bid for another commercial featuring the same two boys, but this time comparing transport planes.

Canada isn’t the only country weighing its options, Australia also tipped its hat to the F-18 earlier this year.

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