VIDEO: A Mountain Biker Gets Leveled By A Wild Beast In South Africa

Funny, all those National Geographic specials never mentioned that the Red Hartebeest, an antelope-like animal found in South Africa, considers a rider on a mountain bike as a natural enemy. But the video doesn’t lie—that hartebeest has a serious hate on for that biker.

The unfortunate cyclist is Evan van der Spuy of Team Jeep, who was on the receiving end of a red hartebeest trucking while smack dab in the middle of a race in Albert Falls Dam, South Africa.  Nothing will ruin your day quicker than getting run over by a wild beast while trekking through the loveliness that is South Africa.

And for the record, Van der Spuy is doing just fine, save for a stiff neck and some new hoof marks running the length of his back (probably).

Video of Evan’s one-of-a-kind encounter follows the jump…

Heads up!

[via Slanch Report]

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